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East Side Mandala

East Side Mandala is a project created by people from several towns of the Lublin region aiming to acquire a place for a common Buddhist center in Lublin.

What makes this idea possible is the cooperation of many friends from Zamość, Pulawy, Radzyń Podlaski, Kraśnik, Chełm and Lublin. To emphasize this distinguishing aspect of our project, we named it East Side Mandala.

Why do we need our own place? Acquiring a center will allow more people from the whole region to meet the Buddhist teachings and benefit from their richness.

Why in Lublin? A Diamond Way Karma Kagyu Lineage Buddhist group has existed here since 1986. The center regularly organizes lectures about the Buddhist religion and culture. It was always the driving force for the towns of our region and the place of our first contact with the Dharma.

During the years the center has changed address many times, always being a guest in a rented place – now we want to have our own property which we will be able to adapt to our needs. This way, our activity can continue steadily and gain momentum in the future. The ongoing collaboration between small groups of friends from the nearby towns will be able to develop continuously. Our activity is already fully financed by membership fees and donations made to our bank account as well as during national events such as lectures and Buddhist courses.

We have special hopes for two projects which specifically require a permanent address.

First, we want to create an open library of Buddhism-themed books. Artur Przybysławski, PhD, author of Buddhist books ”Buddyjska filozofia pustki” and ”Pustka jest radością” and an academic teacher at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, has agreed to support us with his expertise and become the curator of our library.

The second important element of our center will be a gallery of Buddhist art which will include thematic exhibitions. Maria Przyjemska, PhD in Tibetology, a teacher at Bonn University and author of numerous articles on Buddhism, has agreed to perform the duties of the curator.

The East Side Mandala Center in Lublin will be a common meeting point for the towns of the Lublin region and a permanent go-to place for everyone interested in Tibetan Buddhism.

For our project, we are looking for a building which could be adapted into a center. We would also gladly undertake the task of renovating a historical building.

The Karma Kagyu Lineage Buddhist Association has completed multiple construction projects, such as:

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  • For more information on the above-mentioned and other projects, please see the projects section.

    We wish to acquire a property by collecting small, regular payments from as many friends as possible.
    You can support the project by creating a standing order of 10zł 80gr or more or in any other way.

    For necessary details go to Support section.

    Thank you sincerely.

    Project under the auspices of the Stupa House Foundation Fundacja Stupa House